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Proudly Serving Rockdale, Newton and Parts of Lithonia
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3 Signs Tree Roots Are Damaging Your Home's Plumbing

Root inside a pipe
You wouldn't connect your landscape with your interior plumbing, especially in a negative way, but your trees, in particular, can pose a threat to your sewer line and home's plumbing system. Tree roots in particular, when searching for a water source, may embed themselves in your sewer lines and break pipes, pinch lines, and cause various types of plumbing damage that are expensive to repair.

Since most of the tree root damage that happens to sewer lines and pipes happens underground, recognizing the signs that tree roots are posing a problem in your home's plumbing is key to repairing any existing damage and preventing tree roots from threatening your home again. Here are signs tree roots are damaging your home's plumbing, and what you can do about the serious condition.

1. Slow Drains or Toilet 
If a tree root is clogging your pipes or is pinching a single pipe so water can't get through, then one of the first things you will notice is how slowly your sinks, tub, and even your toilet are draining. You should be especially concerned if all your drains appear to be clogged at once rather than just a single drain in just the kitchen or bathroom.

Call your plumber right away if your slow-moving drains and toilet continues, especially if the issue becomes so severe that your drains appear not to drain at all. There may be a backlog of water or sewage somewhere in your pipes due to an offending tree root. Using a plumbing snake to view inside your pipes, your plumber will quickly find the source of your slow drainage problem.

2. Soggy Grass 
A broken pipe will have water or sewage spewing out of it. If a tree root has punctured a pipe and water has been leaking out of the area for some time, then your grass above and around the pipe will become soggy and spongy.

Check for soft spots in your yard, especially where your sewer line is located, not where your trees are. Tree roots are deep underground and travel far away from the actual tree to find moisture, so your trees' locations will not take you directly to an offending root. You can get a diagram of your home's sewer line from your local city hall, or you can call your plumber to locate and inspect your line for you.

3. Odor Inside or Outside Your Home 
You may not notice any water or drainage issues at all if a tree root is blocking or damaging your pipes, but you may notice a rotten egg or sulfurous smell in or outside your home. A broken sewer line is very dangerous and a common way to tell if a pipe is damaged is by the odor of sewage in the air.

Call your plumber right away, even if you only smell a foul odor faintly, so the professional can inspect your pipes to see if tree roots have compromised a sewer line.
Tree roots in plumbing lines is a common household problem that can lead to costly repairs. Your plumber will use special chemicals to kill offending tree roots (your trees will likely not be damaged in the process) and will repair any holes, cracks, or pinched areas in your pipes and sewer lines.

Don't ignore any plumbing problems in your home. The longer you wait to call your plumber when you suspect your lines are broken, either by tree roots or another cause of damage, the more expensive your home and plumbing repairs can be.
Your trusted plumber will repair your home's pipes and eradicate the tree roots that are causing your plumbing problem. Call our experts at Rockdale Plumbing & Drain, Inc., for all your plumbing needs today.