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Proudly Serving Rockdale, Newton and Parts of Lithonia
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Repiping Your House: What You Should Know

Plastic Pipes
Most homeowners would cringe at the prospect of tearing down existing plumbing to install new pipes. After all, such a project requires major time and cost commitment. However, repiping your house might be necessary especially when certain plumbing problems will not resolve even after extensive repairs. In the long run, repiping can save you money spent on frequent repairs.
With a skilled plumber, your new water pipes should be up and running in no time. Read on to learn more about repiping your house, when you should consider such a project, and the related costs.
Basics of Repiping
Repiping involves replacing all the cold and hot water pipes in your home with new ones. Generally, the process entails cutting into the wall, accessing and removing existing pipes, and installing new ones.
Some repiping projects involve expanding the water system or installing appliances such as a water heater. This may require extensive removal of the walls and drywall. After installing the new pipes, the plumber will repair and patch the walls to their original condition. 
On average, depending on factors such as the size of your home and the complexity of the water system, a plumber may take several days to a week to complete a repiping project.
Considerations for Repiping
Several situations may necessitate repiping.
Older House
Older homes that have the original plumbing typically have lead or polybutylene pipes. Polybutylene pipes generally aren't made of high quality material, have a short lifespan, and are prone to leaking.
Lead pipes can leak lead contaminants into your drinking water. Scientific studies show that lead can negatively affect children's physical and cognitive development.
Over time, pieces of pipes wear off and the material becomes unable to withstand the water pressure. This may result in the pipes bursting, breaking, and leaking. Recurring water leakages can cause massive and costly damages to your walls and basement.
If your water seems reddish, brownish, or yellowish and contains sediments, your old pipes might be rusty. Rusted pipes are not only prone to breaking and leaking but can also affect water quality.
Not all persistent plumbing issues require repiping. Ultimately, by conducting a home inspection, your plumber will be able to recommend when repiping is necessary.
Cost of Repiping
Admittedly, whole-house installation of new water pipes is a significant investment. Expect to pay anywhere between $1,500 and $15,000 or more.
The cost of repiping will largely depend on permits, the complexity of the project, the piping material, the quantity of tubing, and your plumber's labor fees among other factors. Several cost-minimizing options are available.
Replace Accessible Pipes
Replacing pipes embedded in hard-to-reach crevices inside your walls can stretch the repiping budget substantially. Instead, consider replacing easily accessible pipes such as those in the basement and attic first. You can replace the remaining pipes gradually according to your budget.
Choose Plastic Pipes
Homeowners can choose between copper pipes and plastic pipes when repiping. Copper is more durable but is also comparably costly.
Plastic pipe, and in particular cross-linked polyethylene (PEX), is an increasingly popular option if you are seeking value for money. PEX is cheaper to buy, easier to install, and can help to keep repiping costs low.
The cost of repiping will pay for itself in better water quality, improved water pressure where low pressure is a concern, and minimal water wastage through leaks, which can lessen your water bill.
The plumbing network is among the most important systems in your home. To avoid costly damages to your home and water system, leave your repiping project to a qualified plumber.
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